Sonic ethers unbelievable shaders mac 1.4.2

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Best shader so far but even the LOW version is too laggy and not only did it crash my game, but it crashed my phone too. I already downloaded this pack but why is it super laggy when i enter a world when i use this pack. My version 1. Like, yeah, it looks nice, i just really dont like how dark shady places are. Send help.

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I installed the mcpack, then I press it, and I choose Minecraft. Then I go to global resources on the main menu, and add the seus shader. When I go back to the main menu, the says loading recourses and the game freezes no matter how long I wait. My Minecraft PE version is 1. Why I cannot used this shader I have a latest version of minecraft but when I place this shader my minecraft was stuck and its saying minecraft was not responding why!!!!!

I really wanted this to work I have a Samsung galaxy j7 prime and have Minecraft beta 1. Hey When I download it the ultra then I open minecraft I activate the pack then it make me lag wat should I do to make it not lag? Well… The Leaves, Grasses, etc. The Nether has a heat-waving?

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Waters are flowing and waving? Clouds are realistic? Sun is Very Bright when towards direct you? Moon is shining? Stars twinkles and others twinks? Comets, shooting stars, etc. That shoots at night!

[TUTO] Installer le Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders sur MAC

Solar and Lunar Eclipse rarely happens! When wheres the light or sun, theres a shadow towards to light or sun that directs. When i download the shaders…. This is really the best shader I can ever found, but recently I found a problem, the water wave starts to move with me. Anyway I just hope that it can be fixed quick.

I use the ipad 5 Its good i used the Preview 2 and it doesnt lagg pls add moving shadows,better clouds volumetric clouds moving shadows player shadows,moving items like grass shadows that moves and add Godrays also heat rays and rays underwater water reflections underwater water reflections from sun clouds player and everything above it and motion blur DOF and lastly torch lights even if you just hold it.

It lits up dark place even you dont place it. Errr, Hello, I really like your shaders but give me some tips to reduce lagg. Here are some following settings I use and even some details. Minecraft PE version: 1.

You must be thinking about the regular java edition. The water is soooooo realistic! Specially the bushes, the way the wiggle is amazing! Keep up the Amaing job!!!!!!! I love this shader, but what is with the leaves? They seem to flash and have this static look. I have an ios device and got the low-end shader.

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It is also very bright and strange. Plz help? I like this shader, but the sky is not nice in now plz upgrade the sky And this shader is not Work any time, sometime this shader is crash And plz more update for shader And more fix bug in water, on my device the water is crash And be ugly sometime, plz…… Fix bug more update And more shader…… plz read my coment if you want creat an awesome shader this shader is cool but more fix And more update the sky And shader for be a perfect shader Thank you………my Mcpe its beautyfull Whit this.

I have NO idea how much work have gone into creating this fantastic looking shader — And I have NO idea how much work it would take to make it win10 PE compatible. Hi i like your shasers but i had a suggestion, i think it would be cool if yiu added more shadows like everyone had shadows also all shadow are moving rather than theyre still or not moving, also it would be nice if you made the clouds look more like a realistic approach rather than that beingbpixelated, but still this is a great texture its atill a bit laggy but still..

Look, Editor and Gabriel….. Many people may overcome and overpower this shade developing greater features, even copying its files……What are you guys doing? Make us proud…make us feel happy with realistic Minecraft…. Thanks to your shaders, i felt happy. Your shaders caused my minecraft 1.

I can never play minecraft ever again. Please fix this!

SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE

Its currectly installed!! Could you please update these shaders to version 1. Thanks for reading. One problem though.


The shadows and water reflections are facing the wrong way. Their not pointing toward the sun. Can you please fix? So good though!!!

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The lamp light is weird, the lamp light is toooo dark and not orange natural!! Please make the lamp more bright. And the clouds and stars are weird To.

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Very Verry nice!!! Thank you so much!! Please fix that! Dear Editor, I need to report a bug about the shaders. I installed the shaders and tried it on a world 1. I really like these shaders and hope you will fix this because I really like the shaders. Please fix this. Can you update this for the newest update of Minecraft?

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Not very laggy on Minecraft 1. This seems like a seriously underdeveloped concept that, with some improvements, could eventually become as realistic as the PC version of the shader. Keep up the great work. This shader is one of the best shaders in Minecraft PE I ever tried, but on the 1.

This is a great shader and all, but when I upgraded to the 1. So I down graded to 1. Editor, please tell the developer to update this shader to the 1. Um, is this working or lagging? I want to use this seus pack on my mcpe 1. Please answer it? This is by far the best shaders ever for Minecraft! Also there are a couple of bugs I found when I was playing in build 9 1. Please fix and update the pack to 1. Sometimes when I play with shader, the water would move and the trees and grass would sway. It looks horrible for me, and I used the ultra pack. If anyone is having problems with the water and not moving in the 1.