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Finding favourites is a breeze — simply rate presets with a single click and then sort by rating.

You can add tags to make it easy to call up presets associated with a particular project or live set. Sounds range from soaring pads to endlessly evolving soundscapes and playable arps. There is an extensive range of Sound Libraries available to further extend your library. The perform section gives access to the most important controls for the current preset, making it simple to tweak.

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Quickly alter sounds to fit your music using the remix pad to explore the space between the 8 hand crafted variations of each sound. The Alchemy App for iPhone and iPad is an inspiring touch remote. Alchemy allows you to manipulate sounds in ways which are impossible with any other soft synth or sampler. Alchemy features the most powerful additive synthesis engine with the most accurate resynthesis available in any plugin, which allows you to create unique sounds. You can morph or crossfade between sources for anything from vector mixing, to morphing one voice into another.

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Listen to the music player above to hear the huge variety of possibilities. A wide range of analog modelled filters are included, in addition to a flexible rack of effects which includes all those from CamelPhat and CamelSpace as well as many new effects such as a high quality reverb. The innovative modulation system is extremely flexible, yet easy to use.

Alchemy also features a powerful arpeggiator.

Before you start Camel Audio Alchemy Full v1. Click on below button to start Camel Audio Alchemy Full v1.

Mac Torrents | Torrent Download Apple, Mac OS, Apps, Software - Torrents

This is complete offline installer and standalone setup for Camel Audio Alchemy Full v1. Where is Camel Audio Alchemy? Thread starter chillbot Start date Feb 14, Moving to a new computer I copied the files and shortcuts and VST over, it actually works half the time and the other half of the time Sonar tells me it's not installed properly.

I heard they were bought by Apple but can't find a link. Mike Marino Senior Member.

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It's part of the instrument offering inside of Logic as of Logic X. I'm not sure if it's available outside of the DAW anymore. When they were purchased by Apple they provided a download of the current version for Windows for all their stuff. The catch was you had to download it during some grace period. I will dig through my machine to see if I can find them all and send you a list. You should be able to move it, you'll just have to jump through a few more hoops.

InLight-Tone Senior Member. Gone from Windows, look at Falcon as an alternative, good granular in there If there really aren't any maybe some kind soul here would share his final pc downloads and license with you to get it installed again? I happen to think that one should honor the EULAs one agrees to, I tend to be very conservative in that regard.

Much more than documents.

I recently had to refuse a small project for a benefit event because they insisted that I use a copyrighted song for their big video, and I was unable to secure the rights not unusual unfortuately! In this case, however, I think that since Chillbot still has his license keys it would not be a violation to share the installer. Granted the developer did warn "download it now or lose it forever", and we don't know what the transfer of assets included when they moved to Apple, but I'd be ok with sharing the installer.

It was available, specificallly for just such cases, and I don't remember reading anything that said "thou shall not share". License keys are obviously another matter. Matt Riley Active Member.

Wiring it back into your DAW can be a bit tedious though. Last edited: Feb 15, Your license was in your Alchemy installer. I don't think there is a key. At least that was how they handled it when the closed up shop. Ben H Senior Member. The old sound banks used to require a key file for each of them. Camel then re-made all the banks to no longer require this.