Mail in mac keeps asking for password

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Delete the corresponding Keychain entry for your Outlook account. There may be more than one entry for that email account.

Make sure to look through all of the entries for more. Outlook will ask for your password again. Enter the password and tell it to save the password in your Keychain. Try closing and reopening Outlook a couple of times.

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You should notice that it no longer asks for the password. Enter your user name and password, select Verify and then click Start.

If errors are found select Repair to fix them. Another thing Outlook for Mac has a problem with is the App Nap feature. For some reason a compatibility issue exists where after you wake your Mac from sleep mode, Outlook might keep asking for your email password.

Gmail login and authentication problems with Apple Mail? - AppleToolBox

The app will repopulate the new keychain as you go about your work. So expect fresh authentication prompts when you log into applications and services. If you pick a different password, you might run into the problem we discussed above. In that case, open the Keychain Access app and find the item whose password you have forgotten.

When you double-click on that item, a dialog box shows up, with the Attributes tab selected. Under this tab, select the checkbox to the left of Show password.

Responsible Factors Behind This Issue

This prompts you to enter your keychain password. To retrieve Wi-Fi passwords, you can also install an app called wifi-password with the Homebrew package manager. Your login keychain can seem messy at a glance. It probably contains passwords for accounts and services that you gave up on a long time ago. For the most part, this clutter is harmless and you can leave it alone. But when Keychain insists on saving both old passwords and their updated counterparts in some cases, you might run into authentication problems.

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If you need some help finding all the really old passwords, click on the Date Modified column header to line up the oldest entries first. Be extremely careful while deleting passwords! Would you rather delete everything and start from scratch instead of decluttering?

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Try the Reset My Default Keychains option then. As an alternative, you can create a new keychain as discussed in the section 2 above, and port a select few entries to it from the old keychain. Feel free to drag and drop the items you want to move. If you click on the Always Allow button, you get to permit the change for all entries at once. But despite that, sometimes you have to get through more than one authentication prompt.

If you primarily use Apple products, why not use the company's own password manager completely free of charge? Read More to back up your credentials to your iCloud account, you get a security code to go with it while setting up the sync.

If Mail on your Mac keeps asking for your password

Now, you might have forgotten this code and would like to retrieve it. In the prompt that appears next, click on the Change Security Code button and type in a new code. Once the change is in place, you can use the new code to set up iCloud Keychain on other devices. This solution comes in handy if you have gotten locked out of your iCloud Keychain because you entered the wrong security code too many times. First select the checkbox for Keychain and log in with your Apple ID password.

Once you click on the Use Code button in the dialog that appears, you get access to a Forgot Code? We'll show you how to fix these common iCloud issues.

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The Keychain Access app stays out of your way for the most part. But occasionally it might trouble you with an issue or malfunction. Now you know how to fix the most common keychain problems if you encounter any.