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Top choice for everyone else: EverWeb
  1. Visually design with ease
  2. Sparkle makes your website happen, fast.
  3. Mac Website Builder: Sandvox makes web sites and publishing easy
  4. Create simple websites without coding with Freeway Express.

Each element you place on the page snaps automatically to the nearest guide, or into alignment with neighboring elements. Unique among this lineup, TurboWeb boasts a huge, searchable library of royalty-free stock photos — a big help for zero-budget designers who want to spice up an otherwise text-heavy site. I also enjoyed TurboWeb's instant access to my personal Pictures folder and iPhoto or Photos library. That said, you can't search through those libraries from within TurboWeb, so if you've got a pile of pictures on your hard drive, be prepared to do a lot of scrolling until you find the one you want.

I also found it odd that I couldn't use any of the program's stock photos in its photo-carousel widget.

On the whole, TurboWeb does most of what you'd want it to perfectly adequately, including a bare-bones but functional way to upload your site to the FTP server of your choice or sign up for TurboWeb's own recommended hosting provider. The online help files are simple but sufficient as well. Nonetheless, TurboWeb fell short in a few key areas.

I couldn't get text to wrap around an image for the life of me. I couldn't create a button with different active, hover, or default states. TurboWeb's short list of font options can't be changed or expanded. Responsive design support — allowing you to display the same pages differently on devices with different-sized screens — was rudimentary at best; you can swap between desktop and tablet versions, but if you've finished creating one layout, you'll have to start all over from a blank page to create the other.

Visually design with ease

And TurboWeb's ability to edit and apply custom classes is rudimentary at best. It applies only to text — not images, buttons, or anything else — and offers no control over margins or padding. Like TurboWeb, EverWeb offers a similar drag-and-drop interface albeit without the handy grid or guides and overall feature set, with the same limitations when it comes to customizing CSS style elements on your pages.

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And it shares TurboWeb's somewhat clunky approach to "responsive design," requiring you to create a whole separate set of mobile counterpart pages to those on your desktop site. It lacks TurboWeb's sizable stock image library, but makes up for it by automatically supporting any of Google's extensive library of free fonts, once you've downloaded and installed them on your Mac.

My Top 7 Web Design / Development Mac Apps That i Use

First, EverWeb boasts outstanding help files, including an extensive and well-written manual running more than pages, along with handy video tutorials available right from the app's opening screen. And finally — and perhaps most importantly, if you need it — EverWeb builds in the ability to set up a basic online store, including buy buttons and a shopping cart, using PayPal. Few other web design apps offer anything like this — neither TurboWeb nor Blocs do — and those that do often charge extra for the privilege.

With the few exceptions I've noted, like TurboWeb's searchable stock photo database, EverWeb does basically everything that TurboWeb does, but just a little bit better. However, unless you want to set up your own online store quickly, easily, and inexpensively, EverWeb may not be better enough to merit paying four times TurboWeb's price. If your primary goal is to build a responsive website with a little to no knowledge of a coding alphabet, then ToWeb has everything you need. Simply download the app to your Mac, install it and start creating a website. Pre-made templates are there to help you find the right look and feel so choose the one that suits the best and customize it the way you want.

The tool supports all kinds of web pages, be it a photo gallery, Google maps or a video presentation. Another valuable feature ToWeb owns is a powerful e-commerce engine that helps to sell your products along with managing the whole process of purchase — shopping carts, taxes, payments etc.

Sparkle makes your website happen, fast.

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Mac Website Builder: Sandvox makes web sites and publishing easy

Sandvox customers say I love everything about Sandvox! It was so easy to put together all the information we wanted in our website. When I came across some troubles with how I wanted to do something, the help tool was indeed very helpful. I can go crazy or just do a quick and easy job with it.

Create simple websites without coding with Freeway Express.

It is very intuitive to use and has few quirks. I was dreading rebuilding my website. But with Sandvox, building a website was fun. I created it, added new content and published it in one evening. I love everything about Sandvox. Sandvox … allows me to quickly and easily provide my students with all the information they need … it really looks great.

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