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  2. Thursday, April 09, 2009
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The bricks I've tried are from Bobbi Brown and they are chalky, as is also the case with Nars. To my eye, red looks good with dramatic coloring like Dita or Gwen Stefani and very little in the way of eye makeup. My browser has displayed all of your lipsticks as bright pink. I am among the group who insist that I cannot wear red lipstick. I've tried several and they all looked horrible. My skin is very fair and pinkish BlueRed if you ask Prescriptives and even they don't have a real red for my skintone. Medieval is on my list of things to try but it's not sold anywhere around here and I despise paying shipping.

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If you know anywhere that sells it and has free shipping please tell! I've been meaning to tell you - Run Around Paris is a thing of the past! I hope you check out my new blog at thekarenchronicles. Let's get together - I'm thinking Tokyo before he goes back to Japan : Erin. I just can't get myself to wear red lipstick. I feel like it is too harsh.

Not only do I have fair skin, but also big teeth, so that my two front teeth are always magnets for red lipstick. Not a good look.

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I will stick to light colored lip gloss! Every time I wear them I get compliments from everyone and get asked what I'm wearing so they can find some for themselves! They look dark on the swatches and even in the tube almost a brick , but when applied, they give me the perfect true red! I wonder if it's because I'm so pale - I tried some other reds like Ruby Woo and found they all looked fuschia on me! I'm hoping to one day have a collection to rival yours, but for now I'm very happy with these colours :.

What no discussion of Julie Hewett?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

For years I tried various reds, but like you they seemed too harsh, but her Oona is perfect afterall this in the woman in charge of making red lipsticks for the Pearl Harbor movie. Incredible coverage, goes on easily, needs no lip liner, very comfortable and stays on. Plus beautiful color. I highly recommend. I'm one of those who can't naturally wear a red lip - the only way it works on me is if I make my own concoction, mixing it with a coloured gloss or another shade of lipstick!

I have always, always wanted to wear red however, everytime I tried one on, it just wouldn't seem right.

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  8. Sometimes it's the texture too glossy or way too matte Sometimes it was the tone.. I'm also super picky about how lip colors look against my teeth. I'm always whightening my teeth so if a color makes them look not as bright white, it's a no go.

    8 Things to Know About New MAC Studio Waterweight Powder/Pressed - Makeup and Beauty Blog

    That's why I always stay away from nudes, browns and oranges. The formula is gorgeous!! It's a soft feeling matte that makes my smile even brighter. The texture is to die for. I feel like a Hollywood Scarlet from days past. I live in Michigan and could only find it at my local Meijer grocery store. I am in love forever.

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    Anyone tried it yet??? I even tried ysl volupte and found 17to be a bit bright on my medium complexion and the formula to be a bit to glossy for a red. I get compliments, but I feel like they see me almot as an ET, lol. I still have three tubes. Holy Grail, perfect Since them I've found others reds I love. My favorite those days Oh, the Paloma red!! My first fancy lisptick, paid with my own money. The gorgeous gold package, those ginourmous add with pristine dressed up Paloma I totally understand you about the true red.

    So hard to find Red lipstick is a classic and timeless cosmetic. To me, it epitomizes glamour and screams female like no other makeup. As much as I love it, RR doesn't look that good on me. Viva Glam is a brown red and is definitely more wearable. I'm on a quest to find "the one".

    mac items for sale. :)

    It looks incredible. However, I make such a mess of applying it that I just never bother. I do love Medieval, though -- I know it's "red" but it's not nearly as bold and showy. It's very natural, like a bitten lip, and it doesn't smear around. I just slap it on, and can go! Haven't found a red that doesn't seem to make me look like a little girl who played in Mommy's makeup again Haha, Suzanne I feel the same way!! I still love and wear red though. Some of my faves are Rimmel Balistic - it's a true drugstore find, and Delux Beauty Delbert, which is Drew Barrymore's fave and it's also sheer and gorgeous!

    Reds and dark plums are my comfort zone: stains, lipsticks, glosses, tinted balms I own very few pinks incl. I love all shades of red, from dark and bluish to the bright and orangey; different shades make different statements. I hate muddied, browned reds. I am still looking for The One, though :p. For those of you who live in Canada, the new Joe Fresh cosmetics line includes a tinted lip balm in Pomegranate, which is a lovely, builable, subtle, shiny red. It's really nice, I love the texture.

    One of my favorite reds was Borghese's Opera Red, long gone now.

    MAC Matte Lipstick - Please Me

    It was gifted to me, so I never did think of stockpiling the blasted thing at the time. I find the older I get, the more harsh red lippies look on me and tend to stay with berries, pinks, and even some corals nods to Diane's Coral I wonder if Diane even knew about this! My current favorite red lipstick is one I actually stumbled upon at my local Big Lots store a while back I do not look like Baby Jane in it I love it and it was 2 bucks Patty G.

    Definitely my Dubonnet red from MAC. I guard it jealously, use it sparingly and check the MAC website frequently to make sure it's not being discontinued! They already discontinued my Studio Mist which was my HG foundation!! Ever since I started working behind a makeup counter I have loved red lipstick! I never had the guts before and now I am obsessed. I have so many reds! My favorites are Clinique Red-y to wear because its a true blue red that lasts for hours! I also love Lancome's Valentine for the true orange red that warms up my complexion. Other favorites are Mac red she said, Clinique Party red and Nars Red lizard but that one feels so dry.

    Mac has the best long wearing reds with their pro longwear formula, I love the limited edition red flicker? I also love Shu Umera's red for a buildable red lipstick. For a day friendly red I love Avon's cherry glisten--perfect for a natural red look. Red lipstick is so glamorous and cab be worn in so many ways!

    I usually pair it with gold shadow and mascara or black eyeliner and mascara. Yes it can be high maintenance but its so worth it.