Cobra starship middle finger feat mac miller lyrics

Album: Middle Finger (feat. Mac Miller) [Remix]
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I was already a Mac Miller fan.

It was good vibes, man. It gives the song a totally different flavor," he added, "and we definitely did that consciously. Most pop songs right now are like straight-up bangers, so we wanted to do something that might stand out a little bit and be a little more down-tempo.

Mac Miller Lyrics

Lyrically, the song finds the boy trying to forget his former beau in a club and getting himself drunk. The song received mixed reviews from most contemporary music critics. Megan Rozell from Blogcritics wrote that the song "surprise everyone by incorporating Mac Miller, a current rap sensation, but, makes it difficult to decipher the difference between the voices of Gabe Saporta and Miller.

The song's music video finds Cobra Starship helping old folks across the street and other assorted good deeds, only to end getting the finger themselves. Mac Miller couldn't make the shoot, and filmed his parts whilst on tour.

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  • Middle Finger (feat. Mac Miller) - Lyrics - Follow Lyrics.
  • Middle Finger (feat. Mac Miller) Lyrics!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved April 6, The BoomBox. Retrieved April 7, Middle finger up to the sky throw it up In the sky-y-y In the sky-y-y throw it up In the sky-y-y-y-y-y Keep it movin' yeah I gotta let you know That you're the only girl Who can drive me wild Yea you feel good Better than I thought You got me so Girl you got me outta my mind.

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  • "Middle Finger" Lyrics.
  • Cobra Starship feat.Mac Miller Lyrics.

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Synced by Keoma Navarro. Correct lyrics.

Cobra Starship feat. Mac Miller - Middle Finger Lyrics

More lyrics from the album. Night Shades Aug 29th Exclusive offer Get up to 3 months of free music.

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  • Mac Miller Lyrics;
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